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Dom Architekta SARP
Zamek Tuczno
ul. Zamkowa 1,
78-640 Tuczno
Reception: +48 789 184 622

Operator: Zamek w Tucznie sp. z o.o., NIP 7651693858

47 1020 2847 0000 1102 0160 4131 PKO BP O. Wałcz

During the period October – April, we accept only group applications (At least 30 people).

We are located 140 km from Szczecin, Bydgoszcz and Koszalin, 120 km from Poznan, 90 km from Gorzoa Wielkopolski and 45 km from Piła. You can also reach Tuczno by bus or by train.
We are located by the highway 177 between Mirosławcem and Człopą, 10 km from highway 22 Wałcz-Gorzów and about 20 km from highway 10 Szczecin-Bydgoszcz.

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