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Weddings and receptions

The following conference rooms are available at your disposition:

  • Ball room – up to 100 people
  • Knights’ room – up to 70 people
  • Southern room – up to 40 people

Wedding receptions

"The unique architecture of the historic estate, beautiful surroundings with a historic park and the extraordinary atmosphere of the Tuczno castle are a perfect setting for such an important ceremony. The Tuczno castle is the perfect place to organize a wedding party. We offer excellent cuisine, professional service and a unique atmosphere"

We offer:

  • A wide selection of meals, which our cooks will help you set the perfect wedding menu for every taste
  • A honeymoon suite for the wedding night, including breakfast
  • Special room prices for the wedding party 
  • Free parking
  • A spacious park
  • Additionaly we can help with the musical entertainment, flower decorations, guest transport and many other attractions

We would be happy to create a detailed offer, to cater to all your needs, as well as provide information for available times.


The appearance of a new person in the family, as well as the adoption of the sacrament of Holy Baptism, is a special event for everyone, requiring a solemn setting. We would like to ensure that your family celebrations are held in a special atmosphere, comfortable conditions and a menu specially prepared for this celebration.

Especially for the child and parents, we offer a secluded place for a mother with a child

Solemnity of First Holy Communion

Exceptional events require a unique setting. We offer you the organization of the First Communion ceremony in the Tuczno castle. We will make this important event an unforgettable experience for your child, and for you a pleasant and joyful family event, without the need for long preparations. Elegance, good taste and nice atmosphere are the uniqueness of the celebrations we organize. The advantage of our receptions is delicious and exquisite cuisine.

For children, we specifically offer:

  • A specialised menu
  • Horse rides in the area

Birthday / Nameday parties

An increasingly popular form of birthday or name-day celebration is the invitation of the closest family and friends for a festive dinner. To meet your expectations, we invite you to take advantage of our offer, which is an alternative to the reception organized at home. It will allow you to celebrate without having to worry about preparing dishes, arranging interiors or cleaning. To the above advantages, we add a delicious menu at an attractive price, which will surely make your next family party happy to organize in our restaurant.